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The Japanese kanji 円相 tell us:

'Almost - a Circle'.


Done in one stroke, sometimes on the exhale, ensō evokes a moment where the mind - free of all expectations - shows itself through the body, the trace, in a decisive way and without correction.

This is how it is, as it is.

Ensō is an unnecessary and important manifestation.

It reveals the visible and the invisible, the void and the unfolded, simplicity and the entire cosmos.

Practice according to the instructions of my teacher SOKUZAN ,

at the Zen Buddhist Monastery SOKUKOJI in Michigan.


AMOUR is the first work of the “Love” series .

Creation on Paper by Caroline MABY

The initial aspiration was to manifest the pure energy of love. “Essence Love” as Tsoknyi Rinpoche calls it.

This work takes up Ensō's exercise and demonstrates a work of attention paid to the Open.

Original signed creation, made in mixed media: drawing, watercolor, Indian ink, Japanese inks, pencils and collage on paper.

Size: 40.2 x 43 cm | Delivered unframed


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