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Meiun Caroline Maby | Dharma Artist





If her gaze is often contemplating the clouds, MEIUN CAROLINE MABY loves to watch beyond at night.


She has been studying astrology (traditional, horary, astrocartography…) for decades and as a visual artist, her encounter with the technics of ‘Local space’ was decisive. 


In constant motion, the cosmos has visible and subtle influences on nature, mood, life… MEIUN CAROLINE MABY can tell, she was born and lives in Saint-Malo, the city that has the highest tides in Europe; Water can rise 13 meters over the course of six hours on either full or new moon.

Further than that, our natal theme also has a strong imprint on the way we inhabit this world. Undoubtedly, there is a connection between the sky and the terrestrial space; Astrology charts (birth, synastry, event…) hold a very unique pulsation that resonates with the place we live or work in. 

The science supporting that postulate is a pretty recent branch of astrology called "Local space". Local space gives us the opportunity to relate with the space around us on the horizon coordinate system (compass), pay attention to and even fulfill planetary appeals on a personal level.


By refining our inner perception of the outside world, we may truly change our life paradigm and its unfolding.

The proper energy of the painting also vibrates like a Deva and comes into resonance with the language of the planets. The direction of the wall on which we hang a painting matters.

MEIUN CAROLINE MABY can integrate the beat of your astrology chart in her creative process and paint according to a specific biais of the theme that you may wish to emphasize, soothe or celebrate…

Several patrons and commissioners have already been willing to enhance a particularity of their astro theme that has been studied in the studio in order to support a business, honor a marriage, vitalize a quality, invite new sparkles in their place… It has always been a very relevant and powerful collaborative experience.


Would you like to listen to the symbolic whisper of the planets and see it be manifested in colors and shapes in a very personal way, MEIUN CAROLINE MABY is ready to receive the message of the cosmos and translate it for you, in tune with the place where the painting is intended. This is a complementary proposal.

Local space is another beautiful way to connect heaven and earth and this is precisely all what the work of MEIUN CAROLINE MABY is about.




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