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meiun* caroline maby is a dharma artist.

a meditative painter, her commitment to the way of zen and her practice of dzogchen are the fundamental underlying elements of her work.

Meiun Caroline Maby, Dharma Artist

" art as dharma rain "

                ... is the mantra of the studio.

the act of painting is meditation in action, simply moved by the essence of love.

nature is her muse. 

the telluric force of the elements, that of the sea in particular, the sky and the light of the north mobilize her inspiration.

the animal world, the whisper of the stars and the song of the sacred speak directly to her great intuition and delight her taste for mystery.

" quae sursum volo videre "** : on raw canvas and paper – bare spaces of openness – her art unfolds in a mediumistic way.


drawing, painting, shodō, collage, writing, photography… in a dance, creative gestures alternate with sitting or contemplation.

© pierrick contin


from her humanitarian experience, meiun caroline maby retains a deep-rooted commitment to children's rights. advocating for nature and biodiversity is another strong watermark of her artwork.


today she devotes herself entirely to painting, the study of dharma and the direction of the french nonprofit elovution which she founded in order to promote the virtues of art among disadvantaged audiences.

she works in her studio based on the emerald coast, northern brittany, france.

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* meiun received the zen precepts (jukai or lay ordination) in the sōtō lineage; her public buddhist name — meiun or 雲明 — means “luminous cloud.”

** " i wish to see what is beyond "

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