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" The energy of the Padma family is associated with the element of Fire. Distorted by ego, it expresses itself as passion. Passion can be transmuted into discriminating wisdom. A neurotic sense of insufficiency creates the ambition to possess particular aspects of the phenomenal world, to consume like flame their quality of otherness. Through experiencing a sense of total compassion in the Padma yidam, passion is transmuted into an energy of enlightened relationship, which sees with warmth and clarity precisely what exists to be related to.

Padma is connected with the West and with the brilliant display of the colorful qualities of existence expressed in the sunset. Its color red evinces the seduction and heat of passion or the all-pervading warmth of compassion. The symbol of the Padma family is the lotus of compassion, the purified form of passion."

[ ~ Source: "Himalayan Art quoting Chogyam Trungpa Tinpoche | Visual Art, The Buddhist Art of Tibet ]


Climat change, wildlife and biodiversity conservation are also causes that are very dear to me. This new creation is a pledge for nature and the environment.


972,00 €Prix
TVA Incluse

Signed and original artwork, mixed media techniques : drawing, watercolor, indian ink, japanese inks, pencils and collage on paper.

Format : 23" 2/3 x 31" 1/2 in. | Delivered without any frame.


Création originale signée, réalisée en techniques mixtes : dessin, aquarelle, encre de chine, encres japonaises, crayons et collage sur papier.

Format : 60 x 80 cm | Livrée non encadré

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