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This painting was inspired by the work of the wonderful photographer Jean Gaumy, published in his book "Pleine Mer" that has vibrated in the syudio for years.


“Hurled when the boat dives, the steep and greasy stairs we climb become a pestle as we go over a wave. The iron airlock. The sticky air of diesel vapors. The large linoleum imitation floor, blistered, brown and greasy. Everything flutters about. The portholes’ light is dancing on the walls and behind the thick glass, the sea runs off distorting the vision. The unpredictable gray sky devastated with spindrifts, and the ocean at the edge, full of white flurries.”

[ Jean Gaumy, Extract from Pleine Mer: Men At Sea ]





Cette toile a été inspirée par le travail du merveilleux photographe Jean Gaumy, édité dans son livre " Pleine Mer " qui a vibré dans l'atelier pendant des années.


4 320,00 €Prix
TVA Incluse

Original artwork on linen canvas, signed on the back and realized with mixed media techniques : acrylics, vinylics and pigments.

Format (French 80 Marine) : 55" 1/2 x 35" in. | The canvas is mounted with cloves on a wooden chassis. For international deliveries, please contact the artist:


Création originale signée (au dos) sur toile de lin, réalisée en technique mixte : acrylique, vinylique et pigments sur toile.

Format 80 Marine : 146 x 89 cm | La toile est montée à clous sur chassis en bois à clés.

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