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In such challenging times, when the planet is on fire — either at war or through droughts and burning forests — when pandemics lock the world down, and when climate change directly threatens the survival of all living beings, Art practiced from a Buddhist perspective appears to be one of the most authentic resources to heal our wounded hearts and support our engagement with the world.

Whereas meditation develops the core strength to meet the world with an open heart, Art offers us the opportunity to augment transversal inner and outer dialogs.


How so?


The history of Art contains a range of work that serves to emanate values of peace, love and compassion throughout the world. Sadly, however, contemporary Art also often promotes pieces that manifest a mind of kleshas rather than wisdom and kindness.

A painting, a choreography, a song… all of them hold a very unique intrinsic energy that could be compared to that of a deva. Artistic creations can have a powerful impact as they are designed to resonate with our six sense fields, and their intention can leave both a physical and subtle imprint on the body and mind. For this reason, the creative process should always be approached with an equanimous heArt and intention to benefit all beings. This is why the zafu is as necessary in the studio as the pigments and brushes. Beyond the experience of individual viewers and listeners, Dharma Art allows the flow of creativity to form a space within which deep transformation and healing can occur.

Painting, dancing, composing are all amazing ways to support resilience as they facilitate liberation, awaken our minds to impermanence and fan the flickers of our aspirational Bodhicitta.

Art not only raises awareness for the sake of our environment but it also encourages us to commit to work as mindful activists.


~ « Art as Dharma Rain » is the mantra of the studio.


7 884,00 €Prix
TVA Incluse

Original artwork on linen canvas, signed and realized with mixed media techniques : acrylics, vinylic, collage, digital prints, inks and pigments. Format : 55" x 61" in. | Canvas mounted in "thangka style": handled by two bars (top and bottom) inserted in the invisible hems of the canvas. Delivered rolled in a large tube with simple assembly description.


Création originale signée sur toile de lin, réalisée en technique mixte : acrylique, vinylique, collage, impression digitale, encres et pigments sur toile. Format : 140 x 155 cm | Toile montée "façon thangka" : maintenue par deux barres (haute et basse) insérées dans les ourlets invisibles de la toile. Livrée roulée dans un large tube avec descriptif simple de montage. 

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