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Akshobhya (Sanskrit: अक्षोभ्य, "Immovable One") is one of the Five Wisdom Buddhas.

By convention he is located in the east of the Diamond Realm and is the lord of the Eastern Pure Land Abhirati ('The Joyous').


Akshobhya is the embodiment of 'mirror knowledge'. This may be described as a knowledge of what is real, and what is illusion, or a mere reflection of actual reality. The mirror may be likened to the mind itself. It is clear like the sky and empty, yet luminous. It holds all the images of space and time, yet it is untouched by them. Its brilliance illuminates the darkness of ignorance and its sharpness cuts through confusion. Akshobhya represents this eternal mind, and the Vajra family is similarly associated with it.


The Vajra family, is also associated with the element of Water, hence the two colours of the Vajra being blue, like the depths of the ocean; or bright white, like sunlight reflecting off water. Even if the surface of the ocean is blown into crashing waves, the depths remain undisturbed, imperturbable. Although water may seem ethereal and weightless, in truth it is extremely heavy. Water flows into the lowest place and settles there. It carves through solid rock, but calmly, without violence. When frozen, it is hard, sharp, and clear like the intellect, but to reach its full potential, it must also be fluid and adaptable like a flowing river.

These are all the essential qualities of Akshobhya.


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Signed and original artwork, mixed media techniques : drawing, watercolor, indian ink, digital art and collage on handmade nepalese paper with raw edges.Format : 21" 2/3 x 32" in. | Delivered without any frame.


Création originale signée, réalisée en techniques mixtes : dessin, aquarelle, encre de chine, art numérique et collage sur papier artisanal à la cuve à bords frangés du népal.

Format : 55 x 81 cm | Livrée non encadré.

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