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" A mantra is a syllable, word, or group of words that has psychological or spiritual power. The earliest mantras go back three thousand years, when they were first used on the Indian subcontinent. The resonance that arises between a sound vibration and our thoughts, feelings, and intentions happens naturally, much like two tuning forks resonating at the same frequency. Today, there are a multitude of phrases readily available throughout the world’s meditative traditions. 


The word mantra is derived from two Sanskrit words—manas, meaning “mind,” and tra, meaning “protect.” Together they translate to “protection,” and in some cases, “compassion.” Our original, still mind is always here, but our worries and fears leak all over everything, so our original self goes unnoticed. 


A mantra has the power to protect us from this leaking. And since compassion can be described as wisdom actualized, a mantra also cultivates clarity and wisdom. A mantra, then, is a tool that protects the mind, cultivates clarity and wisdom, and actualizes compassion." 


[ Excerpt from an article by Tim Burkett published in Tricycle Magazine ]

MANTRA JAPA — जपमन्त्र

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Signed and original artwork, mixed media techniques : drawing, ink, pencils and collage on vintage Schoeller watercolor paper.

Format : 25" 2/3 x 19" 3/4 in. | Delivered without any frame.


Création originale signée, réalisée en techniques mixtes : dessin, encre, crayon et collage sur papier à aquarelle ancien Schoeller "Parole".

Format : 65 x 50 cm | Livrée non encadré.

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