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Caroline Maby | Art-Thérapeute certifiée | Saint-Malo

workshops by appointment only: contact.
where ?
- at the studio in saint-malo, brittany, france.
- online (zoom).
- in specialized institutions: programs implementation by elovution.

appointments that are not canceled earlier than 24 hours before the scheduled date and time are due.

none. mastery of an artistic technique is not necessary to benefit from art therapy. for online workshops, we assess together the appropriateness of this type of support, which is not suitable for all cases.
- the first interview is free.
​- 45' workshop, children younger than 12 yo: 50 euros
- 1h00' workshop:  60 euros
- 1h30' workshop:  90 euros
- 2h00' workshop: 120 euros 
- supervision:     80 euros​

art supplies are provided at the studio.

languages: fluent french or english.

caroline maby adheres to the ethical principles of

art therapists of the american art therapy association 

of which she is a member.

+: curriculum

for any further information: contact

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