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It is quite rare that I can present commissioned projects: they are generally made for private purposes, sometimes involve family memoirs and often intimate notes.The creations made for the real estate or luxury hotel sectors are also not intended to be shared publicly.

So I am delighted to be able to unveil a work created for the pretty ready-to-wear brand LA FIANCÉE; and to express my deep gratitude to Pascale Mordret, its founder.

To celebrate the 26th anniversary of her company, Pascale commissioned me to create an original creation.

So I was freely inspired by her world: fabrics, travel, India, patterns and prints, the feminine, Asia...

Original creation, made in mixed media: drawing Japanese inks, Indian inks, acrylic, fabrics and other collages on Arches paper.

Size: 28 x 40 in.


[ LA FIANCÉE loves art and the artists who use colors. For her 26th birthday, the brand asked Caroline Maby to paint her a canvas. Carte blanche was the only requirement and Caroline drew her inspiration from the jumble of photos, scraps of fabric and other gris-gris collected in the brand's creative office.

The result is a captivating work that can be read or told like a story in which the 1001 adventures of the Bride of the Mekong coexist. The collages, inks and pastels play in contrasts to draw here an Indian woman, there a lotus flower and other icons which have spanned 26 years of Asian travels, creation of patterns and encounters which have filled the life and heart of LA FIANCÉE.

So 1001 thanks to Caroline Maby for immersing herself in the brand's universe, for making it her own and for transcribing it with so much talent!


CAROLINE MABY is a meditating painter, committed to the path of Zen, who devotes herself to painting in her studio located in Saint-Malo. She works on commission for individual or corporate projects, being wholeheartedly involved in the creation of a unique and resolutely personal works. Nature is her favorite playground, the lights of the sky and the ocean, her privileged sources of inspiration." ]


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